Nexamp – through Community Solar with Nexamp, you can save up to 20% on annual electric supply costs while truly supporting renewable energy in Illinois.

Every so often, we come across an energy-related opportunity for our clients that is outside our core business of assisting commercial, industrial and institutional customers with retail supply of electricity and natural gas. This is one of those times. This opportunity has to do with electricity supply for your home. You save money and you are truly supporting renewable energy in northern Illinois. I say “truly” because until recently, retail electricity suppliers who state that they are selling you renewable energy are almost exclusively selling Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Purchasing RECs from an established wind plant, located in some other state, changes nothing in the environment. These other electricity plans are still delivering 60% of your electricity from generators that burn coal and natural gas.

This opportunity is different. It’s electricity generation that comes from newly erected solar farms in Illinois under the Community Solar program. The solar-energy provider is Nexamp. Besides supporting the construction of these plants, their program offers several advantages:

I’ve signed up for my own home. Starting January 1, 2021, I will be receiving solar powered electricity from a solar farm located in Harvard, Illinois. It was a good way of supporting renewable energy in Illinois without having to cut down the huge maple trees that provide summer shade to our house – and I’m saving 20%.

Currently, until October 16, 2020, Nexamp offers a $75 Amazon Gift Card for signing up. To sign up, please go to or phone (844) 303-4937.

Thank you for your attention – and be well.

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Craig Schuttenberg